Month: May 2014

Vernissage Galleri Långedrag

Back with my laces..

I must say it was great fun to be a movie star for a day. Thank you for all likes and encouraging comments. Wonderful but exhausting, now it feels good to be back in normal habits with my… Read More

TV interview with Charlotte Olsson

Today my interview will be broadcast on TV4 News Gothenburg. For those of you who do not have the opportunity to see local TV you can see the clip here. Enjoy! CharlotteOlssonTV

London calling!

-Good day, this is the Gallery that represents you in London calling. We have sold your paintings, can you please send us some more? -Well, I don’t mind if I do!

Mini exhibition at Lasse-Maja bakery during the celebration of their one year day!

Successful and pleasant event!