• More art to London!

    Today (15/9 2014) I´m sending a new shipment of paintings to the United Kingdom. “Secret Shadow” is one of the new paintings that will be shown at “Decorative Fair” in London 30 September to 5 October. If you are nearby, you are very welcome to drop by at Cathrine Miller Gallery’s exhibition area.

  • Personal art to Camilla Läckberg

    This is a cool woman, Gunnel Läckberg, who is the mother of the very successful author Camilla Läckberg. But why does she have me under her arm? This picture is taken by the artist Niklas Hjulström at Camilla’s 40 year birthday party last Saturday at Nalen. Gunnel had ordered a painting from me made of personal items that had belonged to Camilla during her childhood. It was her first dress, her konfirmations gloves, the bow to her student dress and many more personal items that I sculpted the painting from. Then Gunnel held the most amazing speech to her daughter (on stage in front of 250 people) based on the…

  • Vernissage Council of Europe 2014

    It’s an amazing experience to exhibit at the European Council of Human Rights. Today when the world looks like it does the location of my exhibition feels extra special. Each individual has a great responsibility towards one another. And we must take good care of our planet for future generations. It is with great pride that I with my art get to spread my message and my thoughts. It is a privilege and an honor that I cherish with great humility. I want to send my deepest thanks to all of you who follow me and in various ways support me on my journey. You make it possible!