Month: March 2016

Konstutställning i påsk på Stora Hotellet i Fjällbacka. Charlotte Olsson visar sina unika tavlor. Vernissage Långfredag 25/3 kl 12–16. Pågår även Påskafton 26/3 samt Påskdagen 27/3 Varmt välkomna!

Silk Scarf Inspiration “The Bag”

Project Playground 2016

“Love conquers all” (91x60cm) is the painting that I donated to Project Playground this year. At the auktion it raised 80,000 SEK that will benefit this fantastic organization. I’m both happy and proud to have the opportunity to… Read More

Easter exhibition at Övedskloster

Breathtaking! For those of you who do not know this beautiful castle it’s named Övedskloster and is located in Sjöbo. They will exhibit my art in their lovely castleshop during Easter. They also have my silk products in… Read More