Happy Cake Pocket Square


Pocket Square made of 100% exclusive silk

Size 30 x 30 cm

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Happy Cake Pocket Square for men

“Happy Cake” is my very first silk pattern. It was launched February 8, 2015. The same year it was nominated to The Swedish Design Award. The main motif of this pattern is revealed in the title, happy cakes. My whole life I have been obsessed with cakes. I paint them. Bake them. Sculpture them. It is enormously liberating to create a cake. The joy spreading inside and out through my hands, which makes it possible for me to share this elated feeling with you. When I was little I always painted birthday cakes and gave away to family and friends. If they have not thrown them away they must have piles of them. For me a cake is the ultimate symbol of celebration! Joy! Party! Happy Cake!

Composition: 100% exclusive silk

Size guide: 30 x 30 cm

Care instructions: Dry clean only

Price: 795 Sek

Pocket squares for men

In my art, the greatest inspiration is joy, originality and quality. When I decided to create exclusive silk prints the premises remained the same. After much searching I found a lovely silk printing company in Italy where experience runs through generations. In the beautiful surroundings by Lake Como they have printed this pocket square, which I hope will bring you much joy!